Saturday, June 24, 2017

Curriculum Notes

Curriculum of personal growing, good qualities, Food and clean water is key. nutrition. Rewrite prayers so that it invokes ideas and we can show -- extract ideas and make one that all can see themselves in the prayer.  a gift to the world.

Exploring Compassion/Lovingkindness/Connectedness  - music/art
Skit where compassion is the lesson, the sense of empathy
Folktale with compassion as lesson
Golden Rule (hang poster in the classroom)
Koran Bible Gita Philosophy Cross Cultures Science Art
Heritage of Humanity for Education.  Many perspectives on the same truth. 
-Art work
-Imagine (John Lennon)
-You Can Be Kind, song
-science: lesson about the synchronize of heart beat rhythm,
-Koran verse: simple basic verse from sacred books (several cultures at the same time: the sacred is everywhere)
mindmapping software for every quality a la Golden Rule picture

Shared Ritual - classroom - what we do together - creating ritual, how we are when we are together. “We light this candle to remember God’s presence...”  every classroom has an altar.  kids help create it.
The Gift of Nothing but not the book (quaker song Gift to be Simple)/ Gift of love and presence and honoring and respecting and friendship and seeing another -- wishing you were somewhere other than you are, someone, greener grass,
Read God’s Dream - We are all connected and the dream of justice and fairness and peace for all.
The Cave of Plato - children learning philsophy (a play, the cave of the heart, build one, lesson about how to go out of the shadows to see the light and go back and share, mystical truth, nobody wanted to look. mohammed used to meditate in a cave, 40 days)
Just like me -- we have ‘if I see something doing something wrong, I remember, just like me.  others and me. blaming. accepting.  empathy

The Divine Within - teaching children to know themselves and that God is within them. not self-centered but know they are fundamentally good. worthy of love from God and others.  Basic sense of worthiness. (Wayne Dyer, I am ) mediation: step into the role of ....with a scarf. become it. tell class about yourself. who or what are you? what message do you have from the mind of God. Draw a picture from the story of I am - color or draw (structured or nonstructured).
Protection - Feeling Safe. Because if you don’t feel safe, you have trouble connecting, move out into the world, dare to dream, closed in, small world, fear takes over.  How to feel safe.  God IS your safety. 
What is God? (book on the face of God, where is God, what is God) God in all things.
Feelings - you have to know what is inside of you, recognize them, label them, accept them, so that you don’t judge -- seeing that other people feel the same thing.
Prayer - related to protection and feeling safe and asking for help. power of prayer. centering prayer for children book. sacred word. disposing yourself to God.

Tolstoy - God in all people. Where love is... Where did you meet God today?  Song: Love Grows one by One. Knock knock knocks. prayer: Jesus help me to see you in the person in front of me.
UN Rights of the Child. Match game of parts of the world. How do you love someone you can’t see?
Stand in Another’s Shoes - shoes. what would you say? what would you say to help?
Good Shepherd: knows me, leading, guiding, caring, protection, Lamb of God, lay down your life, meditation with shepherd, lost sheep stuck in the bush. yoga child’s pose - act it out. fear of being lost. protection. 23 psalm.
Francis of Assisi - Nomi Make me a channel of your peace.
Do not be anxious. - do not fear.

kathy:  Golden Rule and the Games People Play - rami shapiro

nurture, which culture induces
self-specific learning (our own personal experience, in our own room... personal learning)
situaltion specificity.  sometimes the situation is so powerful that all nature and nurute and self specific learning goes out the window.... so powerful.

google: sr. carole perry

Inter-spiritual/Interfaith/Integral (Wayne Teasdale, Beads Griffiths, Huston Smith, Andrew Harvey, Kurt Johnson, Diane Berke, Mirabai Starr, Craig Bergland, Edward Bastian, Ken Wilber etc.)
Social, Emotional, Personal, Spiritual, Ecological Intelligences (Howard Gardner, Daniel Goleman) 
Great Books/Arts/Films of East and West (sacred, banned, censored, suppressed, and best-selling)
103 Great Ideas (Mortimer Adler) 
Great Mysteries of the Unknown
Biographical (Great Men and Women of East and West)
Cross-Cultural (Great Places, Sacred Sites and Majestic Monuments of East and West)
Philosophy for Children
Sacred Geometry
Critical Thinking (Fallacies, Biases--cognitive, decision-making, belief, behavioral, emotional, social, memory)
Creative Thinking (Edward De Bono)
Systems Thinking
Holistic Thinking
Positive Psychology (Martin Seligman)
Education and spirituality (Parker Palmer, Henri Nouwen) 
Non-Violent Communication--Satyagraha (Gandhi and Rosenberg)
World Peace
Human Rights, Citizenship of the World,  and Planetary Conscious Education (Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King etc.) 

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