Monday, December 5, 2016

Interfaith educational resources for young people – free online

Dear interfaith colleagues:  This abundance of youth resources  collected from around the world  is very encouraging in terms of the future.
Interfaith curricula for schools, youth groups and congregations    These many curricula provide young people in schools, youth groups and congregations with the experiences, skills and resources to live in a diverse world, to broaden their own identities, and to break through walls that divide them from people of other religious, cultural, and economic backgrounds. 
Golden Rule educational resources for youth      This comprehensive listing of resources features school & youth group curricula, interactive resources, meditation exercises, videos, multilingual posters, art activities, do-it-yourself workshops, slide programs, discussion questions, Golden Rule websites, books, toolkits and best practices.
Directory of interfaith youth groups in Toronto, Canada     This directory features interfaith youth groups in Toronto as well as organizations and educational resources from around the world
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"Although the religions of the world are apples and oranges and are more different than they are alike, still there is a quality of 'fruitfulness' that characterizes them all and out of which a 'common ground' for shared conversation can be established."    Paul Knitter, American dialogue theologian
Representatives of the 13 religions featured on the Scarboro Missions Golden Rule Poster